These books are held by our Society and available for loan at each meeting from September until June.  Authors are listed alphabetically below. One new publication is Marshfield Businesses & Some Aspects of Local History (With emphasis on 1920 to 1940).

We are delighted to announce that a booklet has been published on “Marshfield businesses & aspects of local history (with emphasis on 1920 to 1940,” co-edited by Terry & Audrey Chivers & Trevor and Wendy Hope, with contributions from Jackie White.  This invaluable publication is originally the result of notes made by Charles Chivers, Terry Chivers father and co-incidentally, those made by Desmond Hope, father of Trevor Hope!  Neither family had been aware of the work done by Charles Chivers and Desmond Hope and their notes have been supplemented in detail by their respective sons and wives, together with Jackie White.  Many names of local shop and business owners will be familiar to some Marshfield residents, plus the nick names often given, e.g. Huffy Coates, Donkey Taylor & Topsey Jones, to name a few.  Copies of the booklet are available from Country Stores at £2.50 each, or from Trevor & Wendy Hope, at 10, Fairfield Close, Marshfield, Chippenham SN14 8NH. Proceeds are being  generously given to Marshfield & District Local History Society and we are very pleased that the publication now bears our logo.  Our warm thanks go to the co-editors and contributor.

ALDER, R.  Chippenham & the Wiltshire & Berkshire Canal Chippenham T.C. 2011
BARNES,M Walk back in time with Mayor’s Guides (Bath)  M.B.C.H.G. Undated
French Village Museum J.S. Fry & Sons Frenchay V.M. 2010
Friends of Arnos Vale Cemetery Arnos Vale: A Victorian Cemetery  F.A.C.R. 2007
GIRVAN, J. Doing time in Wiltshire  Girvan, 2012
HAYES, H & WALKER, J.E. The Parish Church of St. Mary’s, Marshfield  St.Mary’s, 1992
McCAMLEY, N Secret underground cities Folly Books, 2014
POCOCK, N. Caribbean slaves in north Wiltshire  Vision T.& R., 2016
PRATT S. A history of Chippenham  Chippenham C.S. 2009
Public Record Office Domesday Re-Bound H.M.S.O. 1954
ROLLS, R. Diseased, douched & doctored  (Bath Spa)  London P.P., 2012
ROSS, L. Before the lake: Memories of Chew Valley Harptree H.S, 2009
SPACKMAN, H. A Corsham boyhood Picton, 1981
SPENCE, C.  The story of Bath  History Press, 2016
STAPLETON, H. The Church Yard’s handbook  CIO, 1976
TAYLOR, K. Dry shod to Chippenham (Maud Heath)  ELSP/MHT, 2012
WHITE, C.  Queen of the Courtesans (Fanny Murray, Bath)  History Press, 2014
WILLIAMS, C. The river ran red: A history of the G.V., Wick Self pub.

LIBRARY LIST : BOOKLETS, MAPS, PHOTOS, Held in Filing Cabinet, horizontal filing drawers



School photo 1927

Marshfield Observer Corps 1939-1945, World War II

Will & Testament of Jonathan Longman 1750

Sarah Ogbourne collection 1740

History of the Crown Public House – Doug Moules-oral recording

List of court convictions 1656-1663

Survey of members names 1994

Register of Marshfield – 1659-1693 (?)

Military survey list of names 1522

Four Marshfield Wills (inventories) (?) Henning, 1538, John Groome, 1538, Michael Cheltenham (?) 1649 j William Fry, 1650

Life of John Jeffries born in Marshfield 1845, died in New Zealand 1923

Newspaper cutting photo of Don Lees



Tithe survey 19th Century (date?) Notes by G. Stock, 1991

Inscriptions on tomb stones, Congregational Chapel (Opened 1848-closed 1978)

Notes for visitors at St. Mary the Virgin Church Festival weekend July 1978

Marshfield Bell Ringers List of inscriptions

Survey of Gloucestershire villages- Sir Ralph Bigland, 18th Century (Copy)

List of births, marriages & deaths, 1790

Inscriptions within the Church, Avon conformist chapels & meeting houses- Royal constitutional history & map of England,1986

The Church Rambler: Description of Churches: St. Mary’s Church, Marshfield & Holy Trinity Church, Cold Ashton



Education in Marshfield 1712-1861

MDLHS Newsletter no.17,1999

Plans of Marshfield Primary School, 1861

Map of tithe dwellings, 1841 (Built onsite of Rectory Farm)



Inns of Marshfield

History of the Crown PH – Bob Veitch

Marshfield Newsletter 2001



Almshouses- J.M. Prior,1977

Deeds relating to 11, Sheep Fair Lane1782-1841

Transfer of property served on Anne Pullin, from Winchester College, 1875

Inventory of St.Catherine’s Court- newspaper cutting, 1981

Cold Ashton & Marshfield exhibition

Rough proof of Marshfield Parish plan, 1992

Report of walk: St. Catherine’s Valley, 1983

The Manor House, Marshfield: Sales circular, 1982

History of British Legion Hall- no date

The Old Rectory, Cold Ashton: Description/ photos,19th/20th Centuries

Archaeological dig note:  Cellar at 11, High Street, Marshfield- no date

Visit to the Rocks, 1983

Report of visit to Acton Court, built in 1535

Survey of shops 1920-1939

Malting in Marshfield- R.Fullagar, 1989

Conveyance documents relating to 14-16, Little End, 1953

The Mansion of Beekes: Description of manor houses, 1949

Cold Ashton estate -20th Century

Marshfield statutory list of buildings, 1983

Guide to listing of historic buildings

List of points relating to The Maltings & Correspondence

List of barns in Marshfield- Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings

Policy for conversion of farm buildings- Society FPOA, as above

Introduction  to Domesday Survey of barns

Leaflet on the Marshfield Conservation Area

Early listed buildings, 1950’s



Map of the Rocks Estate, for sale, 1868

Sales catalogue,1868

History of the Rocks

Planning application statement 1959

Planned demolition of The Rocks- newspaper cutting, October 15th, 1952



History of Ashwicke Hall 1569-1985

Map of original ground plan, 19th Century

Family tree: Webbs of Ashwicke

Talk relating to guided tour of Ashwicke Hall- Richard Dennis, 2001

Sales brochure: International School Choueifat, 2002



Papers relating to prehistoric skeletons at Tormarton

Transcript  of marriage between Samuel Crispe & Elizabeth Child, 1691

Memories of Louis de Brandis nursery at Dyrham Park: Discussion, 2004

Tithe (?) map of Marshfield , 1882

Hidden history of Marshfield- Bob Veitch

Old programmes – MDLHS

Place names of the county of Gloucestershire




Catalogue of Bodman’s sale, 1983

3 Folk songs

Funeral notice & invitation, relating to Chris Bodman

Bank receipt

The Times newspaper cutting relating to sale, 15th September, 1983

Miscellaneous shop papers

Stock list, circa 1916

Catalogue of photos held at The Tolzey

Bodman’s time line

Biography of Charles Bodman, including Benjamin Bodman (Father)

Reflections of a master craftsman- Cyril Beazer

John Whit(e?) Bodman

Bodman family tree

Bodman’s Christmas poster

Night photograph

Shop stationery

Newspaper cuttings relating to sale in 1983

Notes of individual items for sale

Photo of Little End cottages with thatched rooves (needs to be re-filed)

Individual credit account book- E. Holbrow

Certificate of motor insurance 1931-1932

Ration Book 1944-1945- Walter Adams

Ration book 1946          – Joan Newlaw

Ration book 1947-1948



MDLHS Programme cards 1983-1999, 1981-1983

MDLHS Minutes of meetings 1984-1988

List of members 1979-1985

MDLHS Posters 1995

MDLHS Projects, including malting & brewing- Michael Pitts, 1984-1985

MDLHS Newsletter 2001



South Glos. History Forum, 1996 & 1997

ALHA Newsletters 2002-2005

Gloucester Archives: Papers relating to Service charter, annual report, newsletter 1988, Friends of .G.A., various flyers

Bristol Records Office flyer

Cold Ashton conservation leaflet 1983

Frenchay Village Museum leaflet

Extract from  A new history of Gloucestershire by Sir Robert Atkyns, 18th C.

Holy Trinity Church, Cold Ashton- photocopy of pamphlet

Codrington Marshfield in late Victorian times- lecture by David Smith

Tithe map West Marshfield- undated

Photo of Toll Board, East Gate (original displayed in the Tolzey)

Proposed building plans 67, High Street- objection

Miscellaneous history comments

Incomplete property description: 124-128,High Street, Marshfield

Marshfield Parish Survey 1982-1984

Avon County Council report: Response of residents to Parish Survey

Avon environment scheme leaflet

Very brief history of Marshfield

Marshfield Parish magazine 1912

Marshfield conservation area leaflet

Marshfield Parish appraisal

Map of Marshfield, hand drawn- dates?

Extract from Domesday Book relating to Queen Edith (Anglo-Saxon)

Article relating to town mace and staves

Summary of History Hunter TV programmes on Marshfield

Marshfield parish field (allotment) gardens 1865

Bus timetable Marshfield- Bristol, 1940

Notes on town walk leaflet

Map of Marshfield Parish, from Archaeological survey- V.Russett , 1980’s

Marshfield history leaflet- undated

MDLHS Short history- Judith Horsey

Detailed comments on Domesday Book

Poem re steam roller

Time Team History Hunters file- 1990’s

Avon interim archaeological report: Iron Age- Vince Russett

Improvement proposal – Manpower Services

Tithe map 1840

Marshfield excavation- brief summary

Marshfield Show programme 1939, 1955,1969

Queen’s Silver Jubilee: Marshfield celebrations

Marshfield histories- 1 file

Transcript of Marshfield Tithe award, 1841

A walk around Marshfield, 1996

Marshfield Parish Council 1894-1944-talk by H.Hanes

History of Marshfield: Marshfield before 1600- K.Sidford

Miscellaneous notes on Marshfield history, mostly by Julian Rutter, Founder, MDLHS

Promotional history leaflet- South Gloucestershire Council

Marshfield history booklets- Marshfield W.I.,1957, 1972, 1979, 1991

Marshfield photographic exhibition- newspaper report, The Gazeteer, 5.11.1993

The Battle of Lansdowne- S.Wright, 1993

Civil war trail map – J. Wroughton

Newspaper item – The Battle of Lansdowne

Gloucestershire turnpike roads- Gloucester Records Office (G.A.) 1976

List of historic buildings and dates

Footpath law:  Article & summary

Letter regarding private archives

List of folk lore tales in Wiltshire

Extracts from Victorian novel, based around The Rocks estate, i.e. “The rose spinner,” by Mary Dene

Summary of Marshfield Census 1851: List of occupations

West Kington link with mediaeval Brittany- extract- R.Biglaws

History of the name of Marshfield

20 Questions relating to Marshfield

A history of Marshfield up to 1603- K.Sidford, 1989

Local aviation : Report of war time crashes around Marshfield; Correspondence, Comments on Lockheed lightning war; Charmy Down Part 1: Edgar Harrison- all published by Severnside Aviation Authority



Index: Codrington papers- Gloucester Archives,

Catalogue of Parish records, Gloucester Archives, 1979

Catalogue of Wiltshire records :Wiltshire & Swindon Record Office, Chippenham

Gloucestershire Library collection,1928

Probate inventories Worcestershire & Gloucesteshire,1536-1650

Gloucester Record Office report 1981-1982

Kelly’s Directory 1950

Marshfield marriages 1837-1912

Early Ordnance Survey map (photocopy)

Petition against the establishment of a Police Force in Marshfield,1841-1842

Marshfield Parish summary Part 1 & Newsletter 1982