This page is to provide members with additional information on places of historical interest in the vicinity of Marshfield.

Weather vane at St Mary’s church Kingsclere


New pedestrian Meades Reach bridge at the Quays Bristol, the new office block is known as the ‘eye’.

Acton Turville St. Mary’s Church. The present Church dates from the late Norman period in the12th Century, with additions made in the 13th, 15th & 19th Centuries.  There are two 14th Century figures on the south doorway.

Nettleton & Burton church of St. Mary’s.

The oldest parts of the Church date from 1290 and the register of Incumbents (Vicars)  dates from1305.

West Kingston St Mary’s Virgin church

West Kingston Mount Zion Baptist Chapel

 The Chapel was built in 1822, as a result of division towards the doctrine in the Nettleton area.

West Littleton Church

Tormarton Church of St. Mary Magdalene, the Knave

This church is a Grade 1 listed Church of Norman origin, with a fine Chancel Arch showing a double row of “dogtooth” patterning.