Past Programmes

This page lists past programmes beginning with 2018.


January 16th: Charmy Down: The history of a World War II Airfield -Howard Burton

February 20th: Tying the knot: Marriage in 16th& 17thC Wiltshire- Steve Hobbs

March 20th: J.S. Fry: A family business- Alan Freke

April 17th: Ugly mugs: Great gargoyles of Gloucestershire -John Putley

May 15th: The story of Bath- Dr. Cathryn Spence

June 19th: AGM & Sweeps to slaves: Working children in the past -Prof. Jennifer Tann

September 18th: Prisoner of war camps in the West Country during World War I. Colin Chapman

October 16th: Fanny Murray: Bath’s famous courtesan: – Dr. Barbara White

November 20th: Fore & aft: The Purton ships grave yard – Paul Barnett

December 18th: Communicating Christmas – John Penny


January 17th: Redstreak to winter scale: The history of west country cider & Perry Making-  Dr. Richard Stone

February 21st: Wiltshire’s forgotten water ways: A history of the Wiltshire & Berkshire Canal- Ray Alder

March 21st: The elusive Lady Apsley – Dr. Madge Dresser

April 18th: Life in the back yard: Craft industry in mediaeval towns – Bob Jones

May 16th:  Trouble at the mill: Bath & textile machine breaking- Stuart Burroughs

June 20th: Wandering & begging: The vagrant children of Bristol – Shirley Hodgson

September 19th: Wreckers tales: Ship breakers of the Severn – Paul Barnett

October 17th: Benjamin Milgrove: Musical toy man of Bath- Dr Matthew Spring

November 21ST: The architecture, sculpture & symbolism of a Victorian garden- Alan Bambury

December 19th: The history of pantomime – Prof. Jim Davis


January 19th:  Recent excavations in prehistoric Wiltshire – Bob Clarke

February 16th: Who’d be a magistrate: Dealing with food riots in 19thC Bristol. Steve Poole

March 15th:  The history of mining in South Gloucestershire- David Hardwick

April 19th: The Beau Street hoard – Stephen Clews

May 17th: Historic farm buildings of Gloucestershire – Dr. Jeremy Lake

June 21st: AGM & Highways and way markers of the south west – Jan Skrine

Sept. 20th: The World War I Project in South Gloucestershire- Jane Marley

Oct. 18th: HOSTS to ALHA AGM: The limits of authority (etc) – Dr. Alex Craven

November 15th: Caribbean slaves in north Wiltshire – Nigel Pocock

December 20th: Christmas with the Georgians – Dr. Cathryn Spence


January 20th: In the footsteps of Maud Heath: Along her Causeway to Chippenham. Kay Taylor

February 17th: A plague of blue locusts: The police in Victorian Bath. Graham Davis

March 17th: Gloucestershire Almshouses- John Loosley

April 21st: The clay tobacco pipe making industry of Marshfield – Marek Lewcun

May 19th: Dame Florence Hancock (Chippenham) 1893-1974 – Melissa Barnett

June 16th: AGM & Pictures & places: The Gloucestershire woollen industry (etc.). Jennifer Tann

September 19th: The Bristol region in the age of the Magna Carta- Prof. Peter Fleming

October 20th: From trenches to trams: The life of a Bristol Tommy—Clive Burlton

November 17th: The rise & fall of the Spa Doctor – Dr. Roger Rolls

December 15th: Let us be merry: Traditional Glos. Carols & wassails -Gwilym & Carol Davies


January 21st:  The geology of Dyrham Park – Elizabeth Devon

February 18th: The Cleveland pools- Dr. Linda Watts

March 18th: Family history: Fact or fiction?  – Pat Hase

April 15th: A recent history of Marshfield medicine – Dr. Peter Brunyate

May 20th: Village witchcraft- Prof.  Ronald Hutton

June 17th: AGM & Highlights of Marshfield records – David Smith

September 16th: Secret underground city: What the Government did at Corsham during World War II – Nick McCamley

October 21st: The Bristol Royal Infirmary & the poor 1757-1856 (etc.) –        Dr. Annsofie Witkin

November 18th: The Cotswold Way: 100 miles of history- Dr.Steven Blake

December 16th: The role of the Royal Mail Guard – Martin Horler


January 15th: The Box Tunnel Navvies – Dinah Starkey

February 20th: Time keeping & the clocks of Marshfield – Peter Frankland

March 19th: The stately homes of Roman Britain – Gerry Gowans

April15th: Folk tales of Wiltshire – Kirsty Hartsiotis

May 21st:  Researching village archives and maps – Liz Mildner

June 17th: AGM (No talk)  & visit to Wiltshire & Swindon Archives

September 17th: Bigwigs to bloomers: Sayings of Bath – Alan Williams

October 15th: Lawrence of Arabia & his motor bikes – Steven Ratcliffe

November 19th: The vindolanda tablets: Life on Hadrian’s Wall – Garry Gowans

December 17th: Paintings & prints in Dyrham Park- Dr. Rupert Goulding


January 16th: Brunel, brotherhood & the early railways in N Wiltshire – Mike Stone

February 20th: Rocks around the Marshfield area – Elizabeth Devon

March 19th: The Tormarton Dig- Richard Osgood

April 16th: The Dutch water gardens of Dyrham Park- Christine Cole

May 21st: The Codringtons of Doddington – David Smith

June 18th: AGM (No talk)  & guided walk around Frampton Cotterell- Merle Summers

September 17th:  The history of pubs and alehouses – Michael Marshman

October 15th: The history of the Severn Estuary – Simon Haslett

November 19th: yesterday’s run ways: Airfields of Oxon, Wilts., Glos. & the Cotswolds- William King

December 3rd: The importance of dance in the days of Jane Austen- The Jane Austen dancers


January 17th: The peacock male – Barbara Gilmour

February 21st” The history of the Beachley to Aust River Severn ferry (etc.) Tim Ryan

March 21st: The prehistoric landscape from Avebury to Stonehenge (etc.) – Isobel Geddes

April 18th:   The pilgrim route to Glastonbury – Dinah Starkey

May 16th: William Tyndale & the origins of the English Bible – David Smith

June 16th: AGM (No talk) & guided walk around West Kington

September 19th: Feisty females of Bath – Audrey Woods

October 17th: The history of deer parks in the area- John Stowers & John Cotton

November 21st: Arts & crafts in the Cotswolds – Kirsty Hartsiosis

December 5th: The history of bell ringing/bells of Marshfield-Terry Chivers/D.Colbourne


January 18th: The murder of Edward II in Berkeley Castle – David Smith

February 15th: Mankind’s greatest blessing: the history of anaesthesia – Dr. Tim Smith

March 15th: The lost ports of the River Severn & the Bristol Channel- Roy Gallop

April 19th: Marianne North: A Victorian artist- Gina Merrett-Smith

May 17th: Strata Smith puts Bath on the map- Elizabeth Devon

June 14th: AGM (No talk) Guided tour of historic sites in Chippenham

September 20th: The history of farming in the Cotswolds – Mark Connelly

October 18th: Chew Valley before the flood – Lesley Ross

November 15th: The Severn Valley tsunami – Simon Haslett

December 6th: Seasonal customs – Prof. Ronald Hutton